Wood Panelling

Deciding on your wood panelling and its locations is an important aspect in creating the overall look and feel of your home. At Paragon Furniture, our aim is to create a bespoke piece of furniture on your wall with every one of our beautiful hand-crafted panels.

Real cherry wood panelling from ParagonOur designers will work with you to establish the materials to be used, to keep in style with the type and feel of your home or office. We will also design your wood panelling to fit in with any other piece of bespoke furniture or to create matching radiator cabinets, shelving or cupboards.

Wood panelling is fast becoming the latest design must-have. Whilst trends might come and go, panelling will always be a timeless classic.

Locations for wood panelling

Wood panelling has its place in any part of your home but Paragon Furniture is expertly qualified to install your panelling in a number of key areas:


Real wood radiator covers from Paragon, wood panellingWood panelling is especially suited to an entrance hall or staircase. As this is the first room of your home for visitors to see, panelling can make it the most impressive. Wall panelling is a practical solution for any hallway, as this area of your home may need to be quite robust, from the daily footfall of coats, bags and shoes.


Painted panelling and wainscot from ParagonNo space is too awkward for our expert designers and craftsmen.  We will come to your property to make sure that the measurements are accurate and that your wood panelling is expertly installed for a beautiful finish, that is hard-wearing for any day-to-day traffic in a busy household or office.


Bathroom wall panels are a popular way to replace a tiled wall and are perfect for bathrooms with a roll top traditional bath. By using a quality moisture resistant product and painting the wall panels with a quality steam and moisture resistant paint, it is possible to create an elegant bathroom to match your luxury bathroom furniture.

Materials and finishes

Wood panelling is mainly installed for its traditional beauty and the chance to re-capture a style of any particular era.  We offer a huge range of wood panelling choices and each are individually made and crafted to match your requirements in any size or colour, including:

  • Traditional or contemporary design
  • A huge variety of exotic woods from palm woods, oak, burrs and walnuts
  • Solid panels, sculptured panels and slabs,
  • Georgian, Victorian, Jacobean and Art Deco
  • Quality finishes in oil or stain
  • Hand dragged or hand painted, spray finished or only primed so you may allow your own contractor to decorate to your own choice of colour

To discuss your wood panelling requirements,
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